Hello, Gorgeous

If you are an influencer who loves creating content in the beauty/fashion/hair space, then we have the perfect program that’s JUST FOR YOU! At Deals Xpress, we strive to provide the highest quality of hair, at the lowest price on the market. All of our extensions are DIY, no salon needed, so ideal for content creation.

Our mission is simple, we believe in uplifting and empowering women. By looking good and feeling great, you’ll have confidence in everything you do. Great hair is the perfect accessory that accompany you on your journey through life. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women become strong, feel beautiful, and gain confidence.


Our primary goal is to get honest opinions about our products to ensure a positive shopping experience and help the person who are new and searching for information and direction on how to proceed. So your review and educational videos, photos and even blogs can be vital to so many! You insight and experience would be encouraging and help all the viewers to start a brand new life.